Meet the Team: Justin Carpenter

What made you interested in becoming a kinesiologist? My involvement with the sport and athletic community really sparked my interest in the health field. After some research, I felt that kinesiology was a perfect fit. I thought that helping people recover from injury, return to activities and achieve their goals would be a very interesting, challenging and rewarding career. What is your […]


Over a year in the making, we are finally open and excited to be part of the Olympic Village community providing physiotherapy and massage therapy services. We will post some pictures of the clinic soon, but in the meantime please stop in to say hi and check us out!

Almost There!

It’s been a hectic month of April and we are so close to being up and running. We would have loved to be been open and providing our services by now, however delays are unfortunately part of the process. With that said, our final inspection and permitting with the city should be happening at the end […]

IMS (Intra Muscular Stimulation)

What is IMS? Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is a system of diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Chan Gunn, a Vancouver physician, developed IMS during the 1970s. People that may benefit from IMS have pain that is often chronic in nature, may not be due to an injury and does not usually resolve with conventional […]

Opening April 2015

After months (even years?) of planning, we’re very close to opening our doors! Things are really coming together and we’re really excited to serve you! The great new space at 109 West 2nd Avenue in Olympic Village is set to be ready April 2015. In the meantime please connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and do keep checking […]